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We have developed a value compass that guides us through all our
decisions. It determines how Parador acts and gives what we do a sense
of reliability. This applies to our company and our products, through
which our inner attitude is expressed: we live for products that make
any home the most beautiful home in the world. Attention to detail,
inventiveness and a willingness to develop go hand in hand with our
products. We work every day to delight demanding customers.
Many people love and feel the inspiration behind products. That is why
we expand energy and commitment to create new possibilities and
realise convincing products. Developments from architecture and inte-
rior design that provide impetus, a feel for trends, stimuli from lifestyle,
handcraft and art repeatedly inspire our product developers and design-
ers to come up with new ideas. This also enables completely new prod-
ucts to be developed, whose unseen installation patterns, individually
combined finishes and easy installation makes them into trendsetters.
For us, design is an expression of personality: it places the focus on the
person and his ideas. In this respect, innovative new products with
unseen surface looks open up an unlimited variety of design with un-
compromising production perfection. Our internal design team and the
collaboration with outstanding personalities from the international
design scene are a guarantee of this scope. The result is convincing and
unusual products that underline Parador‘s claim as a creative leader.
Parador offers premium quality „Made in Germany“. Our many years of
experience provides the foundation for this combined with the relentless
drive to further develop our expertise. The quality begins with the selec-
tion of high quality yarns and is demonstrated in the brilliant colours
across the whole textile surface. The innovative ClickTex floors are
characterised by perfect transitions, high trimmed edge strength and
unique design options.
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