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The raw material wood does not only play a supporting role as a material
at Parador. It also inspires us to create new products – for instance Click-
Tex, a floor with a textile surface, combined with a wood fibreboard in
familiar click mechanism. Parador offers the textile finish in the form of a
finely tufted melange velour or in frieze quality made of 100 % nylon.
Parador textile floors get their unmistakable character from the combina-
tion of wood fibre core boards with a tufted surface. The patented click-in
system ensures easy installation and perfect transitions. The result is a
new look in the world of textile coverings with particularly neat edges.
Our sturdy connections, which ensure fitting accuracy and stability, are
crucial for a long-lasting, resilient result.
Health in the home
The production of environmentally friendly and healthy products is a key
issue in Parador‘s corporate philosophy. We also live up to this responsi-
bility in the production of ClickTex floors. A scientific study by the Asso-
ciation for Environment and Interior Analytics (GUI) on behalf of the Ger-
man Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB) found that textile floor
coverings considerably reduce the fine dust content of the air indoors.
Furthermore, ClickTex floors are kind on the joints and muscles and pro-
vide secure footing. They insulate impact noise and thus have a positive
effect on the room noise level.
As a traditional wood processing company, we hold our
environment in the highest esteem. For us, living with a certain quality
standard in the present must go hand in hand with responsibility to con-
serve the planet for future generations. We stand up to this responsibility
with products that set standards in terms of ecology with the materials
used and their processing, production, packaging and also logistics. What
is more, we have been actively committed to conserving the environment
for years.
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