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Parador products for walls and ceilings are made virtually from one hun-
dred per cent wood. Together with high density wood fibreboards, the
decor papers enable high quality timbers to be interpreted authentically.
But other materials, such as stone or concrete, can also be found among
our true to nature decors with their different formats, installation and
joint patterns.
Parador ClickBoard and Parador wall and ceiling panels are distinguished
by functional composition and intelligent technology. Our patented click
mechanism guarantees an easy processing method; different joint varia-
tions offer a wide spectrum of various design options. Different widths
and installation-friendly formats are matched to the various applications
of walls, ceilings and loft extensions to ensure easy handling.
Health in the home
Parador wall and ceiling products are low on emissions and allergens and
ensure pleasant indoor conditions. We are happy to demonstrate this by
only using materials that are healthy for the home. Test certificates issued
by the LGA and Blue Angel give our customers the required peace of mind.
Parador ClickBoard and Parador wall and ceiling panels are very durable
and easy to clean, making them perfect for households with pets, children
and allergy sufferers.
As a traditional wood processing company, we hold our environment in
the highest esteem. For us, living with a certain quality standard in the
present must go hand in hand with responsibility to conserve the planet
for future generations. We stand up to this responsibility with products
that set standards in terms of ecology with the materials used and their
processing, production, packaging and also logistics. What is more, we
have been actively committed to conserving the environment for years.
Wall / Ceiling
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